Internal Fixation: Bone Staples

What are bone staples?

Orthopedic bone staples are similar in shape to the staples in the stapler that sits on a desk. However, bone staples are made of surgical grade stainless steel or titanium and they are thicker, stronger and larger.

How are bone staples used?

Bone staples can be used a variety of ways. For example:

  • After a bone is surgically cut, one or more staples may be applied to the bone to keep the bone segments in the corrected position.
  • Bone staples can also be used to attach tendons or ligaments to the bone for reconstruction surgery.
  • A bone staple called the Blount staple can be inserted so that it straddles a growth plate. Placing a staple(s) so that it straddles only one side of the growth plate can correct the alignment of a bone (called guided growth or hemiepiphysiodesis). Placing staples so that they straddle both sides of the growth plate can stop a bone from growing longer (called growth plate fusion or epiphysiodesis).

A staple is used to perform guided growth to correct a deformity in the tibia

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