Save-A-Limb Fund

Save-A-Limb Fund Mission Statement and Funding Goals

The Save-A-Limb Fund supports children and adults who have complex limb and joint disorders by saving their limbs, preserving their joints and enhancing the quality of their lives.

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How do we put our mission FIRST?

Financial Assistance

Support families of patients in need at the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics (RIAO) who do not have the financial resources to handle expenses that are not covered by insurance (initial clinical evaluations, transportation, housing costs, wheelchairs, walkers, postoperative care, etc.)

International Outreach and Mission Work

Serve patients abroad by enabling the RIAOís specialized medical staff to travel to impoverished areas around the world to provide orthopedic treatment. The Save-A-Limb Fund provides resources for one international patient per year to travel to the RIAO for treatment.


Support research to improve techniques related to limb lengthening, limb reconstruction, joint preservation and joint reconstruction.


Award one academic scholarship per year to a current or former patient who is pursuing a career in healthcare. Provide educational opportunities for orthopedic surgeons from all over the world to learn new surgical techniques and treatment methods.

Technical Improvements

Acquire specialized medical equipment that enhances treatment methods and improves patient outcomes.

Contact the Save-A-Limb Fund

Dr. John Herzenberg holding a Save-A-Limb Fund flag leading participants in the Family Fun Walk

For more information about the Save-A-Limb Fund, please contact:

Marilyn Richardson
Pediatric Liaison for the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics
Save-A-Limb Fund Coordinator

Phone: 410-601-9533
Fax: 410-601-9576

Sinai Hospital of Baltimore
2401 West Belvedere Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

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