Educational Limb Alignment Textbooks

Covers of The Art of Limb Alignment and The Art of Limb Alignment: Taylor Spatial Frame textbooks

The International Center for Limb Lengthening is a world leader in teaching the art of limb alignment and deformity correction and has published two books to share the expertise of its surgeons:

  • The Art of Limb Alignment is a concise guide for beginners who are starting on their journey to master limb deformity correction concepts. The Art of Limb Alignment is also the official textbook of the annual Baltimore Limb Deformity Course, which has been held for more than 25 years. We have used these hands-on experiences with our students to guide our work creating this book. Understanding limb alignment and malalignment is a critical task for surgeons who treat lower extremity deformities. The first task is to characterize the deformity: Is the bone angulated? In what direction is the bone angulated or rotated on its axis? What is the level of the deformity? Where is the apex of the deformity? What is the magnitude of the deformity? Is the bone short? All these questions must be answered before correcting the problem.
  • The Art of Limb Alignment: Taylor Spatial Frame, edited by Dr. John Herzenberg, is the first English language practical guide for surgeons who want to understand every aspect of using the Taylor Spatial Frame (TSF) to treat upper limb, lower limb and foot deformities. The book describes the TSF hardware, the web-based software, and the terminology that you need to use this device successfully. Deformity analysis is covered as well as essential tips and techniques for the tibia, femur, foot and ankle, humerus, and forearm. This book can be used by beginners but also has a wealth of case examples and detailed step-by-step illustrative diagrams that the advanced user will find helpful. Six International Center for Limb Lengthening surgeons and five other experts in the field contributed chapters to this volume.