Follow-up Visits at the ICLL

Most follow-up clinic visits take place at Sinai Hospital in the Schoeneman Building on the second floor. You will need to see your surgeon at the ICLL, not your family doctor, for these follow-up visits. Please ask your doctor how frequently you need to be seen.

Please note that during certain types/stages of treatment, you may need to see your ICLL doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner as often as once per week. During non-critical stages of treatment, your doctor may allow you to have X-rays taken at a facility close to your home and mailed to the ICLL, but you will need to discuss this possibility with your doctor.

During the follow-up clinic appointment, X-rays may be taken. The doctor will examine these X-rays, assess your progress, and possibly change your physical therapy or treatment plan. You will also have an opportunity to ask the doctor questions (it can be helpful to bring a list of questions with you).

Before you leave the clinic, remember to ask the staff for prescriptions for medications or therapy and to make your next follow-up appointment. If you have forms that you need the clinic staff to complete (for disability insurance, family leave, handicap parking applications, home tutoring, etc.), bring them with you and be sure to have already filled out the patient information portions of the forms.