Low-Cost and Other Housing/Hotel Options

You might need a place to stay during the week before surgery, when you attend your presurgical visit at the International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL), and/or you might need long-term accommodations while attending follow-up visits and physical therapy sessions at the ICLL after surgery. There are several housing and hotel options to choose from during your stay in Baltimore. Options include:

The Hackerman-Patz House

Hackerman-Patz House at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

Four children with external fixators on their legs sitting on a bed at the Hackerman-Patz House Whether you are staying overnight or long-term, the low-cost ($15.00 per night) Hackerman-Patz House is a home away from home right on Sinai’s campus. It is open to patients as well as their friends and family. Many families enjoy the opportunity to socialize with other families with children undergoing treatment, and sometimes lifelong friendships are forged. The ICLL cannot guarantee availability at all times, so it is recommended that you make arrangements as early as possible. If you are having surgery and staying at the Hackerman-Patz House, another person must remain with you for the duration of your stay. For reservations please call: 410-601-5163 from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

The Baltimore City Fire Department helped brighten the holidays for our ICLL pediatric patients staying at the Hackerman-Patz House by bringing Santa and a fire truck full of toys!

The Ronald McDonald House

Located in downtown Baltimore, the low-cost Ronald McDonald House only accommodates pediatric patients with their families. They offer shuttle rides to Sinai Hospital. Please contact Marilyn Richardson, the ICLL’s child life specialist, at 410-601-9533 or myrichar@lifebridgehealth.org for details and a referral.

Baltimore Hotels

Baltimore has numerous hotels throughout the city at various price points and degrees of luxury. Click here for a list of hotels that offer discounts for Sinai Hospital patients.