Limb Length Discrepancy Ohio Dr. Herzenberg
Carly's professional photograph with her standing in a yellow dress Carly, a successful television news reporter, had her right leg lengthened with an external fixator at the age of 11, and then decided to undergo another procedure at the age of 27. She shares, “This time, I was so grateful to have qualified for the Precice internal nail. I had no external hardware, which made for easier mobility, less pain and a more convenient and comfortable process and recovery. We lengthened my femur using the magnet for about 4 months gaining roughly 3 inches. Unfortunately, my bone did not heal quickly, and it was 11 months total from the initial procedure until I was off crutches. I’m told this is longer than average. But since the device was internal, I could wear normal clothes and didn’t have any long-term pain. Most, if not all of the pain, was associated with the initial procedure to insert the device. That pain dissipated within 6 weeks or so. It did not hurt to lengthen with the magnet daily. Overall, and compared with my first procedure 16 years earlier, the process was well worth gaining the 3 inches.”

Limb-lengthening can sound very painful and scary. The initial procedure is painful, like any surgery. But you are in good hands with Dr. Herzenberg. Six years after my last surgery, I have moved forward with my career, gotten married and had a baby. I’ve been able to do all of that without the added burden of lifts, limping and lower back pain. Limb-lengthening is a sacrifice you make for yourself now that you will thank yourself for later.”

When asked how treatment had changed her life, she responds, “From the time I was 12 until my second procedure at the age of 27, I wore a 1-inch lift on my right shoe. I really needed a 3-inch lift, but wanted to avoid the clunky appearance as an adult. My shoe choice was limited, and as a fashion-forward female that was a sadness to me! It also cost an extra $50 to add a lift to each pair of shoes I bought. When barefoot, I walked on my right tippy-toe to make up for the difference. The discrepancy took a toll on my back and I experienced aches and pains monthly, and sometimes weekly.”

She concludes, “Now, I can buy whatever shoes I want and wear them out of the store. My back pain has greatly decreased. Although my right leg is still a little short, (about 3/4 of an inch), I can walk barefoot much more easily. Although I was inconvenienced for nearly a year to lengthen my leg, I am so happy I did it. It has made my life easier and more comfortable for decades to come.”

To read more about Carly’s experience having her leg lengthened with the Precice nail, you can check out her blog here.

While Dr. Herzenberg has retired from providing patient care, Dr. Michael Assayag, Dr. Philip McClure and Dr. Shawn Standard are available to treat this condition.

  • Carly at age 3 or 4 wearing a large shoe lift standing in front of her grandmother sitting in a chair
  • Carly at eleven in above-and below-knee external fixators getting assistance from another woman while walking with crutches
  • A female friend giving a thumbs up and Carly as a young woman in a wheelchair and holding forearm crutches during internal lengthening
  • Carly as a young woman with her arms outstretched under St. Louis' Gateway Arch during internal lengthening
  • Carly as a young woman going down the stairs from the St. Louis Gateway Arch with crutches and holding a woman's hand
  • Carly hiking well after her treatment was completed