Congenital Femoral Deficiency Manitoba, Canada Dr. Standard

Riley on a swingRiley was diagnosed with Congenital Femoral Deficiency (CFD) when her mom, Kasia, was pregnant with her. Kasia shares that the prospect of coming to Baltimore from Manitoba, Canada during the height of the Covid pandemic for Riley to have surgery when she was 22 months old was scary. “But reading about all the people that chose the Rubin Institute for care and hearing about how wonderful Dr. Standard was put us at ease,” she explains. “Dr. Standard took the time to talk to us months prior [to the surgery] with several Zoom meetings and also before and after her surgery; he really is the kindest and most compassionate man.”

She continues, “The care we received as a family was above and beyond our expectations from the very minute we met with Dr. Standard. Every single staff member we had contact with [was] absolutely exceptional and always made sure we were comfortable and well taken care of. Being that we came out of country during the worst of the pandemic without access to family to lean on, the staff at the Rubin Institute did everything they could to help us during surgery and the recovery process…. The staff are kind, compassionate and really care about you and your family’s well-being. The whole team really provided care beyond our hopes and expectations.

Kasia shares, “Since Riley underwent SUPERhip and mini-SUPERankle surgery, she has been able to be more mobile and has much better stability in her hips. She underwent months of physiotherapy after her Spica cast came off, and her healing and recovering has been amazing. Her progress is so significant compared to before surgery that she has surpassed everything we thought she may not be able to do. We will be returning to the Rubin Institute for Riley’s leg lengthening procedures without hesitation or worry.”

  • Riley in a hospital bed recovering from surgery
  • Riley in a spica cast sitting with a chalkboard
  • Riley in her spica cast shortly before it was removed
  • Riley shoveling snow with a shoe lift
  • Riley at school playing dress up on a surf board
  • Riley sitting on a jungle gym