Preston R.

Achondroplasia, Dwarfism Virginia Dr. Standard

Preston in hydrotherapy before, during & after lengthening Preston was born with achondroplasia, and he decided to undergo limb lengthening at the age of 11. His mother Kim shares, “This decision was one that was not easy to make, and the logistics of making this work was certainly not a cakewalk. Through the years what made this journey possible was choosing Dr. Standard and the team at the RIAO [Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics]. A hospital became a home away from home. Doctors and staff became family. Through the appointments, the X-rays, the planning, anesthesia, magnets, fixators, etc., [the] RIAO has not only been there medically, but helped Preston’s dreams come true.”

Preston is now 5’2 and has a final lengthening treatment scheduled for January. Kim adds, “His life is now that of an average height person. His deformities in his bones and joints have been corrected…. He drives a pickup truck without extenders. He buys clothes off the rack. He stands amongst his peers without the outside eye ever knowing this has been his journey. The path has not always been smooth, but the end result well worth it. Dr. Standard has changed Preston’s life. He will be 17.5 when he finishes… with his whole life ahead of him. Thank you to Dr. Standard and the entire RIAO team and the Hackerman-Patz House. Thank you for being our family.”

  • Preston wearing external fixators in wheelchair
  • Preston lying in bed with braces on his legs
  • Preston wearing external fixators on his arms
  • Preston standing with his dog at front door
  • Preston standing smiling with Dr. Standard at his treatment completion
  • Preston standing smiling with Pediatric Liaison Marilyn Richardson and Physician Assistant Chris Fisher at his treatment completion