Amputation, Bowlegs, Growth Arrest, Sepsis Maryland Dr. Standard and Dr. Conway
Kennedee with her Superstar Award for representing RIAO and the Save-A-Limb Fund at the 2023 Robert I. Damie Race for Our Kids
Kennedee had a life-threatening sepsis infection when she was only seven months old, and the infection stopped blood flow to her limbs. Dr. Conway saved Kennedee’s life, but her extremities suffered severe tissue loss, and Kennedee had to have fingers, toes, and her lower arm amputated. Kennedee has had several complex reconstructive surgeries with Dr. Standard over the years. The surgical goals were to give her hand as much function as possible, to correct leg bone deformities, and to lengthen her legs due to growth arrests. Her latest surgery is a leg lengthening with external fixators that also is helping address bowing in her legs.

Kennedee has never let any of this hold her back from doing anything she puts her mind to doing! In addition to taking ballet, tap, and modern dance, she loves playing soccer. Her mom, Kimberlee, says one thing she is most proud of is that she is seen as a leader by her peers. Another parent shared that Kennedee helped her child learn to stand up for themself. Kennedee is a dynamo, and we were honored to have her as the Rubin Institute for Advanced Orthopedics (RIAO) and Save-A-Limb Fund Superstar Ambassador for the 2023 Robert I. Damie Race for Our Kids.

When asked what she would share with other parents considering treatment at the Rubin Institute, Kimberlee shared, “The RIAO will give you all the support you need. Understand that the process may be stressful and costly, but this team will give it their all to get you through, and you CAN get through this process. Don’t give up hope.”

“Be realistic in your expectations. I had to learn quickly she wouldn’t be the same as when she walked out. Seeing other kids undergoing treatment here has been very helpful to us. It’s helpful to see they are living normal lives.”

When asked about Dr. Standard, Kimberlee shared, “The whole team has been amazing. I didn’t know what to expect. Dr. Standard was very comforting, and I appreciated that he was realistic and did not give me false hopes. He even gave me his personal cell number, and I had never had a doctor do that before.”

  • Kennedee as a young girl in a long RIAO t-shirt in front of the ICLL clinic waiting room Batman display
  • Kennedee hanging upside down on the monkey bars
  • Kennedee on playground equipment
  • Kennedee with face paint
  • Kennedee with a stuffed animal monkey given from Sinai's Children's Hospital
  • Kennedee on a clinic exam table wearing external fixators
  • Kennedee sitting in a wheelchair by a hospital bed wearing an orange dress after surgery
  • Kennedee with Dr. Standard
  • Kennedee with Dr. Shawn Standard and Pediatric Liaison Marilyn Richardson
  • Kennedee enjoying a cupcake with her mom, Kimberlee and Dr. Conway