Ankle Deformity Virginia Dr. Siddiqui

  • Jacob's ankle during treatment
  • Jacob's ankle during treatment
  • Jacob enjoying fishing post-treatment

A Letter from Jacob:

I would like to write this post as a thank you to Dr. Noman Siddiqui. I was born with a club foot, and at the time I was born there were not many doctors that specialized in dealing/treating it. I had a good doctor for much of my life who did what he could to make sure I would be a normal, functioning kid. As I grew up I got stronger and more mobile. I wrestled from a young age, played baseball and football, and I also wanted a black belt in tae kwon do. I also wrestled in college and participated in track and field. Even though my leg and foot have not been that of a normal kid, I never gave up.

About three years ago my foot, ankle and knee began to really hurt, but with my foolish pride and stubborn ways I put off going to the doctor. My previous doctor retired and I didn’t want to find a new one. Last year it became harder and harder to get around. Hunting and fishing became more of a chore than the enjoyable experience that I once knew. And work became painful and discouraging as many people started to notice my work pace slow down drastically. A local doctor recommended me to the International Center for Limb Lengthening, RIAO, Sinai Hospital. I made an appointment with Dr. Siddiqui and after going in and getting X-rays, I waited for him. He suggested a major surgery to fix my ankle that was now severely deformed, in my opinion.

Well, it’s been a long road with two base surgeries and a third because of a mistake on my part, followed by a last one to remove the frame that helped stabilize my leg. It’s been almost a full year since my first surgery and I am writing this with confidence and a great appreciation to Dr. Siddiqui. This past October I went hunting for the first time since opening day of 2012 and I got my first deer of the season. Also, all summer while healing, I fished and camped and enjoyed it.

So thank you, Dr. Noman Siddiqui.