Foot and Ankle Deformity

What is a foot and ankle deformity?

Individuals with injuries or congenital conditions (that are present upon birth) may have foot and ankle deformities. Ankle fractures or other foot trauma can change the shape and function of the foot and ankle. These injuries can disrupt normal walking and make daily activities painful or nearly impossible. Conditions such as clubfoot, polio, spinal cord injuries, tendon ruptures, failed previous surgery and others can create significant limitations that make walking difficult.

How is a foot and ankle deformity treated?

If you feel you have a previous condition that requires correction to improve walking and appearance of the foot and ankle, your doctor can perform an evaluation to determine what intervention is necessary. Surgery may not always be necessary. We can only determine an exact treatment plan after a thorough evaluation.

Why choose the International Center for Limb Lengthening for treatment of foot and ankle deformities?

The International Center for Limb Lengthening’s foot and ankle surgeons offer our patients the most comprehensive treatment possible as our doctors specialize in both podiatric and orthopedic medicine. With a collective experience of over thirty years of helping patients with lower leg, foot and ankle problems, the Foot and Ankle Service of the Rubin Institute is one of the leading treatment centers for foot and ankle conditions in the United States. Your doctor will take the time to make sure you understand all of your options and then will customize your treatment to meet your specific needs. Our patients benefit from our team-centered approach with world-renowned surgeons and specialized physician assistants, nurses and physical therapists. We help patients with foot and ankle deformities achieve their best possible result.

Doctors who treat foot and ankle deformities