Fibular Hemimelia Florida Dr. Standard
Mother and father discussing their journey to seek treatment for their daughter who has fibular hemimelia

Emma in a Girl Power t-shirt and helmet with a bicycle In this video filmed many years ago, Marisa and Tim Haney talk about discovering during an ultrasound that their daughter Emma had fibular hemimelia. That started a fact-finding mission that was often discouraging, as amputation seemed to be the recommended treatment. Marisa’s mom turned to Google and found a blog that mentioned expert orthopedic surgeons Dr. John Herzenberg and Dr. Shawn Standard. That led the Haney family to come to the International Center for Limb Lengthening so Emma’s leg could be saved.

Tim recently shared, “Deciding who will treat your child is an important decision with long lasting commitment. We have zero regret selecting this team and are blessed to have found them when we did…. The entire team from Dr. Standard down always takes time to make Emma and our family feel important. We feel they are all part of our family and are grateful to have her under their care for so many years.”

Tim concludes, “We are blessed to watch our daughter grow up as a normal child without limitations. Thanks to Dr. Standard and Team RIAO, there is nothing Emma cannot do.”

  • Emma as a toddler wearing an external fixator on one leg in a float in a pool
  • Emma as a young girl wearing an external fixator
  • Emma leading a white horse
  • Emma horseback riding on a brown horse
  • Emma playing volleyball outside