Infection Maryland Dr. Conway

Cynthia, a patient of Dr. Janet Conway, smiling after treatment for bone infection Eight years ago, Cynthia had ACL surgery and her left knee got infected. “I was in so much pain from the infection. I went to a number of doctors who couldn’t help before I was finally referred to Dr. Conway. She was able to help me. She opened it up, cleaned it out… and got rid of all of the infection in the bone,” Cynthia says. Over the years, Cynthia has continued seeing Dr. Conway who has helped her address pain in her shoulders and is now treating her for pain in her right knee.

“My trust in her is so explicit. She goes the extra mile when it comes to care. I would refer anyone to her. It’s not convenient for us to come all the way here, but we do it so I can see her,” Cynthia explains. When asked what she would tell others about her experience at the International Center for Limb Lengthening, she says, “It seems like they can help people that nobody else can help. It’s the last hope.”