Broken Ankle, Fracture, Trauma Maryland Dr. Bibbo

Julian, a patient of Dr. Christopher Bibbo, smiling after treatment for a broken ankle Julian, a landscaper, was trimming a tree when a falling branch broke the ladder that he was standing upon about eight feet off the ground. The bone actually popped out of his ankle breaking through his skin and causing a very large wound. Dr. Bibbo was able to save the bone and heal the wound. He used a flap of muscle and bone to help the ankle and wound to heal. He also applied an external fixator to help support Julian’s ankle while it healed.

Julian shared, “Sinai is a very good hospital. They are helping me a lot. All the doctors are good, but I can say Dr. Bibbo is the best doctor in the world. He is honest. He tells you the truth no matter what.” Julian expressed his gratitude that Sinai Hospital provided some financial assistance as he was in the hospital for an extended period of time and could not work. “When I can work again, I am going to make a donation so the hospital can help others like me.”