Perthes Disease New York Dr. Standard
Jadon posing in a champion stance atop a large metal heart sculpture at Baltimore's Inner Harbor Jadon has bilateral Perthes disease, and his mom, Bethany, shares that before coming to the International Center for Limb Lengthening (ICLL), she was “unsure of treatment options for bilateral Perthes disease and about the outcome and long-term effects of Perthes disease.”

Happily, she reports that since being treated at the ICLL, “Jadon has been able to actively participate in many areas where we did not think he would be able to! Jadon is now able to swim, play baseball, ride his bike, and shoot hoops. Jadon has had his pain reduced and gone from using a walker, being in a wheelchair, to not needing any assistive devices. Dr. Standard has been honest from the first visit about the many variables and unknowns with Jadon’s condition, especially [with it] being bilateral. He has given us all hope and has helped us to keep a good perspective on the journey we are on and doing all that we can do end up with a “win” on both hips.”

Bethany adds, “Dr. Standard always does a great job using descriptive words and pictures. Jadon’s first visit he drew out the “ninjas” (stem cells) that he would be injecting into Jadon’s hips from his pelvis to help “fight the fight” and “give some ninja powers”. He does a great job showing us Jadon’s X-rays and arthrograms and comparing past ones to current ones so we can really see the progression and gain understanding of what is going on. Dr. Standard does a great job talking not only to us as parents, but at talking to Jadon, the patient, and making sure he understands what is going on and what the plan is. Dr. Standard is as much concerned about Jadon’s emotional health as his physical health. He is aware and sensitive to the fact of how Jadon’s life is impacted and being shaped through this journey of Perthes disease.”

Jadon posing in a champion stance wearing a Perthes Sucks shirt while hiking When asked what she would share with parents considering bringing their child with Perthes disease to the International Center for Limb Lengthening for treatment, Bethany responds, “It is worth the drive! Dr. Standard has so much knowledge and experience with so many different kids with Perthes disease. Especially since no two cases are exactly alike, and given that all kids go through the stages a bit differently, and some have it in one hip and some [have it] in two, Dr. Standard has seen and treated and tracked so many different kids through the entire process. He has a lot to draw on and make his best decisions on your individual case. Dr. Standard is passionate about each kid, and making sure their lives are still the best they can be no matter what is going on.”

Bethany continues, “Keep up the good fight! It’s a long journey with a lot of unknowns. We are thankful for a knowledgeable, compassionate, and understanding doctor who cares about Jadon, his condition, and the overall well-being of his life. Thank you, Dr. Standard for all your work, research, and help you are giving to the Perthes community!”

  • Jadon smiling lying in bed wearing his Scottish Rite brace
  • Jadon smiling lying down on an exam table wearing a brace
  • Jadon doing physical therapy with resistance bands
  • Jadon doing physical therapy with resistance bands
  • Jadon adaptive skiing on a snowy ski slope
  • Jadon jumping high in the air at a swimming pool
  • Jadon skiing in the snow on a mountain