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Ankle Arthritis, Total Ankle Replacement, Broken Ankle, Fracture Maryland Dr. Bibbo
Andre having his ankle wrapped Andre broke his ankle when a step stool collapsed under him. He had bad post-traumatic arthritis and pain killers were not giving him much relief. “The outside was healing, but not the inside,” he explained. When asked how he would describe his experience being treated by Dr. Bibbo, he said, “Excellent–he explained everything and answered a lot of question as to why I was having the problems I was having. After doing X-rays and seeing everything, it all makes sense now. That’s what he did; he made it all make sense to me, as opposed to just saying, ‘Ok, you need an ankle replacement.’ Dr. Bibbo explained why Andre was an excellent candidate for a total ankle replacement, and since Andre had the procedure, his ankle is now healing well. Andre shared he is especially looking forward to getting back to his 5 AM walks with Kruz, his pet Rottweiler.

  • Andre having his ankle wrapped
  • Andre having his ankle wrapped
  • Andre on his way to recovery thanks to a total ankle replacement by Dr. Christopher Bibbo