Ankle Arthritis, Total Ankle Replacement Maryland Dr. Siddiqui
Sharon smiling while seated in a chair with an ankle boot on Sharon had pain in her right ankle for nearly 20 years, and it had gotten progressively worse. She confides she was afraid of having an ankle replacement, because she knew two people who had replacements with less than satisfactory results. Her circumstances made her reconsider. “The pain I had in my arthritic ankle was preventing me from performing basic daily functions as well as doing things that I love to do – gardening, traveling and walking our dog. I had been told 10 years ago that I wasn’t a candidate for a replacement and a fusion was suggested. I didn’t want to take that option.”

“After Dr. Siddiqui performed the replacement, I spent about two months in a cast and then a boot. At around three months, I was able to begin putting weight on my foot, and at four months I’m walking without pain. I’ve been walking our dog again, going up and down stairs, and we have planned an extended trip that I feared I wouldn’t be able to take. The biggest change has been that I’m not in constant pain anymore. My friends have commented that I look so well and happy. I am; the pain is gone. I don’t have think about how to take the fewest number of steps to get somewhere. I can grocery shop without limping from pain halfway through the store. I can take a walk and be out in nature. I can stand for the length of time it takes to prepare a meal. I can work in our church’s soup kitchen again. In short, I can do the things that I enjoy without the pain I’ve had for so long.”

When asked about her experience with her doctor, Sharon shares, “Dr. Siddiqui and his staff have been amazing. Dr. Siddiqui explained the options to me before the surgery and was patient answering all my questions. He was forthright in telling me how serious my condition was and what I might expect after the surgery. His residents, Dr. Fink and Dr. Powers, were very supportive and compassionate during my hospital stay. They ensured that my pain was controlled and that I was comfortable. Dr. Siddiqui continues to address any concerns I have and has been extremely thorough in treating a small wound on one incision that was slow to heal…. The entire staff at the Rubin Institute have been great to work with.”

When asked what she would tell someone else considering having an ankle replacement, she responds, ”Absolutely, have it done. I waited for years to address my situation and just put up with the pain. In a way, that was probably the right thing for me to do because surgical procedures and implants have come a long way in 10 years. But now, Dr. Siddiqui has the knowledge and ability to determine the appropriate treatment. I wish I’d had the surgery sooner, but I probably wouldn’t have had the results Dr. Siddiqui was able to ensure. I’ll be forever grateful to him. I have trouble finding the words to say what a difference this surgery has made in my life.”

  • Sharon walking her dog post-surgery
  • Sharon's foot after surgery