Cosmetic Stature Lengthening New Jersey Dr. Assayag

Mark underwent cosmetic lengthening in his femurs with Precice internal lengthening nails and gained 3 inches of height. Dr. Assayag remarked that Mark was one of his most motivated and dedicated patients, working hard in physical therapy and then working out on his own once cleared for the gym.

When asked about his experience, Mark shared, “My starting height was 5’5, and I felt it was too short. I feel good about my result. Recovery has gone faster than I expected, and I got the result I wanted. The difference is noticeable. Being taller makes me feel better about myself.”

  • Mark and Dr. Michael Assayag before Mark's lengthening

RTL Nieuws, one of the biggest news outlets in the Netherlands, profiled Mark and his cosmetic stature lengthening journey with Dr. Assayag. While the reporter is speaking in Dutch, you can hear Dr. Assayag & Mark speaking in English in the video below:

A video interview with Mark Walker