Brachymetatarsia, Bunion Maryland Dr. Siddiqui

Kamryn and Dr. Noman Siddiqui wearing masks and smiling while sitting next to each other Kamryn had brachymetatarsia (a short toe) and a bunion on her left foot. Dr. Siddiqui restored the length of her short fourth toe and corrected her bunion deformity, and she was very pleased with the outcome. Just 4 months after surgery, Kamyrn could resume full activity, including her favorite one—cheerleading!

This procedure can be done with an external fixator, but the typical recovery would be about 6 months. This patient and her family chose to do this without an external fixator, and Dr. Siddiqui instead used plates and screws and a bone graft to achieve this great result for Kamryn.