Closeup of a hallux valgus bunion on a foot

What is a bunion?

A bunion deformity, also known as Hallux Valgus, is a common condition that involves the first metatarsal. The bunion is a painful and prominent bony bump on the inside of the big toe. It will cause the big toe to point towards the second toe, and in some instances may even sit above or below the second toe. Bunions are described as mild, moderate, and severe. This condition occurs in males and females and can be painful with walking, shoe gear, and activities of daily living. Though high heels and tight fitting shoes has been shown to be a cause for developing a bunion, other factors such as family history and patient foot biomechanics can be a source of developing a bunion deformity.

What are the symptoms of a bunion?

Pain commonly can occur in patients with a bunion. Skin irritation over the bunion in shoes and pain with walking are common complaints. Inability to fit in certain types of shoe gear is a common concern for those with a bunion. Long standing bunion deformity can lead to painful arthritis and other deformities of the forefoot such as hammertoes, metatarsalgia and arch pain.

How are bunions treated?

Non-surgical treatment typically involves wearing wider shoes and arch supports. Steroid injections for the big toe joint can be helpful in alleviating pain. Surgical intervention involves correcting the bunion deformity. This is accomplished by making bone cuts (osteotomy) of the metatarsal to realign the big toe joint. There are several different surgical procedures that can correct bunion deformity depending on the severity. Some patients can benefit from minimally invasive bunion surgery, a small incision approach that has been shown to speed up recovery and results in a nearly invisible scar. Our doctors will determine the correct procedure for your specific bunion based on a thorough radiographical and clinical examination.

Why choose the International Center for Limb Lengthening for treatment of bunions?

With a collective experience of over thirty years of helping patients with lower leg, foot and ankle problems, the Foot and Ankle Service of the Rubin Institute is one of the leading treatment centers for foot and ankle conditions in the United States. Our patients benefit from our team-centered approach with world-renowned surgeons and specialized physician assistants, nurses and physical therapists.

Dr. Siddiqui is one of the first surgeons in the United States to correct bunions through an innovative approach–minimally invasive bunion correction that has a quicker recovery time and results in a barely visible incision. He has written and lectured on this topic and is considered an authority in the management of bunion deformity. You can watch a WJZ-TV interview with him about bunions and bunion treatment here.

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