Club Hand Poland Dr. Standard

Kacper in a video thumbnail from a WJZ News video about his treatment for club hand

Kacper with his mother and father posing for a picture next to an autumn display Kacper was born in Poland with radial club hand and hypoplastic non-functional thumbs. His parents, Dominik and Karolina, researched his condition and decided the best place to seek treatment was the Rubin Institute, and they held fundraisers to help make their trip possible. Dr. Shawn Standard performed the highly complex ulnarization surgery to correct Kacper’s left hand and achieve a stabilized and mobile wrist and functioning hand. An external fixator helped keep Kacper’s hand in the correct position for three months. When it was removed, Dr. Standard created functional thumbs on both of Kacper’s hands with a pollicization procedure by transferring another finger to the thumb position. As Dominik shares with reporter Rachael Cardin, in this WJZ News video, knowing Kacper will thrive with his newly functioning hand and thumbs is the greatest gift of his entire life.

  • Kacper as a baby with club hands
  • Kacper outside after his first ulnarization surgery for club hand, with an external fixator on his arm
  • Kacper with his mother, father, and Dr. Shawn Standard after his first ulnarization surgery for club hand
  • Kacper with other children at the Hackerman-Patz House after his second surgery for club hand
  • Kacper with his mom after cast removal for club hand
  • Kacper sitting with toys after treatment for club hand

Kacper, a patient with radial club hand treated at the International Center for Limb Lengthening