Perthes Disease Illinois Dr. Standard
JJ playing soccer after treatment JJ was 8 when he was diagnosed with Perthes. JJ’s mom, Maritza, shares that they were not happy when a local specialist suggested a “wait and see” approach to see how Perthes would run its course over the next 2-5 years of JJ’s life. She explains, “Our son was a(n) active boy and played travel soccer–this was his passion. It was very hard to have him under the restrictions of no running or jumping as that was his life and all he did naturally. There was no way we could have him sit for 2-5 years. As a mom, you sit back and think how this disease was potentially going to take 2-5 years from your child’s life that he/she will not get back. As I read more about Perthes, I knew because of our son’s age we couldn’t just do ‘wait and see.’ If we went that route, he would end up needing a hip replacement in a few years. We were in a desperate situation and needed answers and hope.”

Maritza heard about Dr. Standard’s online Perthes chat and joined one. “Dr. Standard gave us our first sight of hope in a very long time. After he explained the surgery and the details, he said our son could potentially be released to full activity in 6-8 months. We were so happy, that we were in his office the very next week.”

Dr. Standard visiting JJ in a hospital bed After an April evaluation, JJ came back in June to begin hip distraction treatment with an external fixator. Within four months, JJ was back at Sinai to have the external fixator removed; afterwards he wore a Scottish Rite brace for 12 weeks. Maritza shares, “[At] our October follow up appointment, Dr. Standard told us our son had been completely healed—full bone growth and hardening. He said, ‘Perthes is in our rearview mirror.’”

A month later, Dr. Standard cleared JJ for full activity. Maritza adds, “We slowly eased our son back to his passion–the soccer fields”. He had his first game just a year after their initial evaluation appointment with Dr. Standard. “We are so grateful that he was healed that fast, and we are able to have him take on his normal life, thanks to our wonderful doctor and staff.”

“… Our journey was the toughest of our lives, getting the external fixator placed and living with it and a disabled child is life-changing, but Dr. Standard and his staff always were there—reassuring, calling in medication, giving advice, etc.—even though we were 11 hours away…. Although it is not an easy journey, they made it better. In our opinion, Dr. Standard is the best to tackle Perthes disease and stop it in its tracks to get your child’s life back.”

  • JJ spelling out Dr. Standard's name in Play-doh on a hospital table
  • JJ wearing his external fixator and using a walker
  • JJ wearing his external fixator doing physical therapy in the pool at the Rubin Institute
  • JJ catching a fish while using a walker with his wheelchair in the background
  • JJ on crutches wearing a brace
  • JJ stretching on a physical therapy table