Congenital Femoral Deficiency, Fibular Hemimelia New Jersey Dr. Standard
Jeffrey at 10 surfing on a surf board in the ocean Jeffrey was born with congenital femoral deficiency and fibular hemimelia. His mother Jill remembers her many concerns about her son: “Will my son’s leg be functional? What will be the best course of action to help him? When will he need surgery? Who can help us? Where do we find others in our situation? What struggles will we endure as a family? Is this common?”

Jeffrey was scheduled for surgery at a local children’s hospital, but Jill didn’t feel well informed. She found an online chat session with Dr. Standard and Dr. Herzenberg. The advice from Dr. Standard and his invitation to come for an evaluation at the International Center for Limb Lengthening in 2008 was what Jill calls “the life changer.” She explains, “Fast forward to 2019, three official surgeries later, with some ‘minor’ ones in between, and nothing is stopping my 12-year-old son! If you don’t know him, you would never point him out as having any physical challenges. That’s all thanks to the Rubin Institute!”

She continues, “Dr. Standard is amazing!! He speaks to the patient—even at 2 years old—and the parents. Our whole family trusts his expertise and advice whole-heartedly! He is up on current advances or [is] part of their development. He always thinks about the whole child and what would be the best approach. You never feel rushed during appointments with him. He will spend as long as needed to help understanding and to relieve and worries, confusion, or fears.”

When asked what she would tell another parent considering treatment at the International Center for Limb Lengthening for the same condition, she replies, “Go! Once you tour the facility and meet the entire care team, you will know it is the right place!” She also expressed her family’s gratitude for Dr. Standard, Physician Assistant Allison Lynn, Patient Educator Lee Brady, Pediatric Liaison Marilyn Richardson, the staff at the Hackerman-Patz House, and physical therapists Kim Doll and Simeon Mellinger.

  • Jeffrey at 3 with an external fixator and walker
  • Jeffrey at 11 with internal fixation and crutches
  • Jeffrey as a young boy wearing an external fixator with a cover from behind and batting playing wiffle ball in a yard
  • Jeffrey at 10 running on the beach with a towel
  • Jeffrey at 11 in baseball uniform winding up for a pitch on a baseball field's pitcher mound
  • Jeffrey at 11 in baseball uniform pitching on a baseball field's pitcher mound
  • Jeffrey at 11 in a baseball uniform batting at home plate on a baseball field
  • Jeffrey in a basketball uniform with a member of the opposing team holding a basketball
  • Jeffrey in a number 11 basketball uniform from behind showing him wearing a shoe lift
  • Jeffrey shooting a basket in a basketball hoop on the street with a walker behind him while being treated with a Precice internal nail and 8 plate