Clubfoot Maryland Dr. Herzenberg
Cannon playing at a playground after treatment Cannon’s mom, Amy, shares, “Our son, Cannon, was diagnosed with bilateral clubfoot during a routine 20-week anatomy scan. The initial diagnosis was daunting and overwhelming as we started to learn more about Clubfoot and the treatment plan. During research, we discovered the Ponseti method of treating clubfoot, and we were extremely pleased to learn that Dr. Herzenberg was a Ponseti-trained doctor and was local to our family. We made a prenatal consultation to meet Dr. H and his team prior to our son’s arrival. During our first visit with him, all of our questions and concerns were addressed, and we left with a great sense of relief that we have a solid treatment plan and team in place for treating Cannon.”

At the time of writing this, Amy shared, “Cannon is now a 17-month old who is thriving and meeting all of his physical milestones right on time. One would never know he was born with clubfoot as his feet look perfect, and he is walking and running and enjoying life! We are incredibly thankful that Cannon received such great care, was treated properly, and we experienced no setbacks in his treatment. He happily wears his special boots and bar to bed every night!”

Amy continued, “Dr. Herzenberg and his team are truly outstanding. They listen to our concerns, thoroughly answer our questions, and always show such compassion and understanding to our family. We sincerely thank them for their help, superior treatment and guidance for Cannon.”

When asked what she would share with other parents whose baby is newly diagnosed with clubfoot, Amy replied, “You’re in excellent hands with Dr. Herzenberg and his team. They will take excellent care of your child, and you will receive the gold standard of treatment. Rest assured!”

While Dr. Herzenberg has retired from providing patient care, Dr. Philip McClure is available to treat this condition.

  • Cannon's feet before clubfoot treatment
  • Cannon's feet after clubfoot treatment
  • Cannon as an infant getting casts put on
  • Cannon as an infant wearing casts in his mother's arms
  • Cannon sleeping with clubfeet evident
  • Cannon playing wearing boots and bar
  • Cannon at a follow-up appointment being held by Dr. Herzenberg next to Physician Assistant Renee Hunter
  • Cannon after treatment sitting with his family's dogs and pumpkins at front door of house
  • Cannon riding a rocking horse after treatment