Blount Disease, Bowlegs Maryland Dr. Herzenberg

Tamarus standing with straight legs in his football uniform You would never guess that Dr. Herzenberg treated Tamarus for Blount disease with bowing in both of his legs when he was younger. Last year as a freshman in high school, Tamarus made the varsity football team and excelled at right guard and got some snaps in on the defensive line too. In the fall he was featured in an issue of “Recruiting News Guru” which bills itself as “the inside scoop on the latest football recruiting news” as a talent to watch. Tamarus also had a successful first season on the junior varsity wrestling team. While COVID-19 unfortunately kept him off the field his sophomore year, we can’t wait to see how he shines once he is back in the game!

While Dr. Herzenberg has retired from providing patient care, Dr. Philip McClure and Dr. Shawn Standard are available to treat these conditions.

  • Tamarus wrestling
  • Tamarus when he was a younger boy sitting in a wheelchair with a covered external fixator
  • Tamarus in a lunge posing on a field
  • Tamarus weightlifting