Knock Knees Maryland Dr. Assayag, Dr. Herzenberg

Sidney giving the thumbs up sign For most of his life, Sidney suffered with mobility issues, often losing his balance due to his knock knees. He also had sharp pains in his feet and knees and shared that he often felt self-conscious about the appearance of his legs. He reached out to Dr. Herzenberg who thought Sidney would be a good candidate for knock knee correction.

Dr. Herzenberg referred Sidney to Dr. Assayag to have an acute osteotomy, where the femur bone is cut, and the full correction is made in the operating room. The distal femoral open wedge osteotomy procedure was first performed in Sidney’s left leg. A plate with screws helped to stabilize the cut bone, and Sidney had to be non-weightbearing for about six weeks while the bones united. He worked up to bearing weight in physical therapy, and a few months later, Sidney underwent the whole process with his right leg.

After having his knock knees surgically corrected by Dr. Assayag, Sidney reports, “The pains I once suffered with have all but disappeared. I can now walk in a normal fashion…. Visibly, my legs look normal which gives me more confidence.”

Sidney shares, “Both Dr. Assayag and Dr. Herzenberg were superior in conveying both professional and psychological support.” When asked what he would tell another person living with knock knees considering treatment at the Rubin Institute, he replied, “I would tell them to bear their soul about their personal challenges—both physiologically and mentally to their doctor. They have heard it all, are not judgmental, and will not make you feel embarrassed or ashamed. They dedicate their lives to helping to make us whole again….”

While Dr. Herzenberg has retired from providing patient care, Dr. Michael Assayag and Dr. Philip McClure are available to treat this condition.

  • Sidney before and after surgical knock knee correction
  • Sidney with corrected knees playing guitar
  • Sidney smiling