Ankle Arthritis, Total Ankle Replacement, Rheumatoid Arthritis Maryland Dr. Siddiqui

Kathleen was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that had gone undiagnosed for many years. Her ankle joint was so damaged that she could barely move her ankle. She went to one doctor who had told her that her only option was to have an ankle fusion procedure. While an ankle fusion can be a good option for some patients, it permanently stiffens the ankle joint so it can no longer bend. Dr. Siddiqui suggested Kathleen would be a good candidate for a total ankle replacement, and she opted to have this surgery as it would give her a wider range of motion and allow her to be more active.

“It has helped me tremendously as we have a lawn mowing business and do a lot of outside work. I can move so much better and more easily now,” Kathleen shares. “Dr. Siddiqui was very compassionate and took time to explain what he could do, and he did exactly what he said he could do.”