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Physician Shadowing Program

Dr. Shawn Standard with a student in scrubs as part of the physician shadowing program We offer college students summer shadowing opportunities with Drs. Herzenberg, Standard, Conway, Bibbo, and Siddiqui. We receive numerous requests to shadow with our doctors and have only a few positions available. A person who is shadowing may observe clinic visits, physical examinations and surgical procedures. Shadows may join the physician during patient rounds, attend teaching conferences, and utilize the medical library. Shadows are not allowed to participate in any patient care activities, question or examine patients, or scrub in on surgical cases as they are not covered by Sinai Hospital’s liability insurance.

The deadline to apply for a 2020 summer shadowing position is February 7, 2020. The application process consists of two phases. During the first phase, candidates must submit the application. If selected, candidates will continue on to the second phase of the process and will be required to complete additional paperwork and medical screenings before they are able to commence shadowing.